300 Picture Books Challenge #15

This week has been a bit of a bumper one compared to others of late, thanks to eagle-eyed hubby spotting a library sale near his work and picking up seven fab books for the bargain price of 70p – yep, just 10p each! Little Miss has enjoyed all of the new arrivals he snapped up but we were both especially delighted with Elmer’s Special Day. She loves animal stories and all of the Elmer books are so bright and beautifully illustrated they are a joy to look at.

Mr Large in Charge was also an amusing read, especially for mums. The lead character is, like Elmer, another elephant but this one takes over the running of the house and looking after the four Large children while his wife, Mrs Large, is ill and trying to rest in bed. The Sunday Times described it as an ‘insightful snapshot of parenthood’ and I’m sure many will recognise some of the scenarios encountered by the well-meaning Mr Large and his four boisterous offspring!

We’ve also enjoyed another Ladybird Tales classic story, The Enormous Turnip, from the fantastic mini library Little Miss got for her birthday. We’ve still got another 22 books in the set to go so plenty to keep us occupied!

So with eight new books added to the list this week, our current total is now 163 different books read since the start of the year.

You can also follow our 300 Picture Books progress on our Pinterest board.

300 Picture Books Challenge Week 15

Find out more and join in with the 300 Picture Book Challenge over on the Child Led Chaos blog.

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Word of the Week #16

This time five years ago hubby and I were spending the night in a hotel near Gatwick Airport, recovering from the biggest event of our lives so far, our wedding the day before, and looking forward to jetting off on our wonderful honeymoon to Italy. So my Word of the Week has to be:

Word of the Week - AnniversaryActually the word has double significance as yesterday was not only our fifth wedding anniversary (wood apparently!) but it also saw me reach another slightly less important but none-the-less satisfying milestone, my six-month ‘blogiversary’. More on that another time though. Just to warn you, I may be about to get a little bit misty-eyed and emotional!

Our wedding day was simply amazing, spent celebrating just the way we wanted to with all our friends and family. By the end of it we both felt quite overwhelmed by the love and positivity that had surrounded the whole day. OK, so there had been the small hitch of the classic 1950′s car conking out on the way to the church! I ended up arriving late in the back of an old Ford Fiesta driven by a pair of unlikely heroes – two slightly scruffy but surprisingly helpful teenage lads! It might not have been ideal but it actually added a quirkiness to the day and we certainly didn’t let it spoil the mood. And we had the best party ever, in our opinion anyway!

I can remember it all so vividly but it also feels such a long time ago now. So much has happened over the last five years. We have so many happy memories, a few very difficult ones and, since Little Miss arrived two years ago, some truly amazing ones. My husband is a wonderful man, my best friend and a fantastic father. I really couldn’t ask for more. Here’s to the next five years and way, way beyond.

This post is part of the Word of the Week linky run by fellow blogger Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence. The idea is very simple, every week you come up with one word to sum up your week.

My previous words include:

Can, HappyStickersSpringCalm, Anticipation, Singing, Birthdays and No!

The Reading Residence

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Easy Easter chick cards…

Easy Easter chick cardsToday it was back to full-time Mummy duties, having finished work for the next week and a half (yay!) and I was itching to do some crafty activities with Little Miss. My Pinterest boards have been brimming with ideas for weeks but I just haven’t got round to putting any of them into action. But with it being Easter weekend and visits to and from grandparents on the agenda I thought it would be nice to make some cute cards for them. I must admit that making cards is something I enjoyed doing before Little Miss arrived so it’s so nice to be able to do it together now.

Since Little Miss loves hand painting I decided to use this to my advantage and base the design on that. So the first step was to get the yellow paint out (and restrict her access to any other colour until this part of the process was done!) and get our hands in it. Being a typical toddler, today was the one day when I actually had to coax her to put her fingers in at first – usually she’d be straight in there whether I liked it or not! But we got there in the end. Once the hand prints were done I quickly whipped them out of the way to dry while Little Miss carried on playing with the paint.

Then later on we decorated them, sticking on the googly eyes, coloured foam beaks and cutting out feet shapes – obviously Mummy did this bit despite Little Miss being desperate to give the scissors a go! Then came Little Miss’s favorite part, adding various spring-themed stickers from Mummy’s craft box. It was an effort to drag her away and avoid sticker overkill!

Crafty bits

The eyes and foam shapes were bought from The Works – they do a fab range of kids craft essentials, selling various bits and bobs. Most of their packs are 99p and usually they’re on a three for two deal, a real bargain. I’ve also recently discovered that Wilkinson stock some great, cheap art and craft bits, like card blanks, although today I just folded pieces of plain white A4 card.

So there you have it, our cute little Easter chick cards. Hope you like them!

Chick Easter card

Creative Challenge


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Easter gifts from nursery…

I love it when Little Miss brings home something she’s made at nursery. It feels like one of the small perks of being a working mum and it doesn’t really matter what it is. The other week she presented me with what was essentially just a splodge of purple on a piece of card – there was as much paint on her leggings as there was on the ‘painting’ – but it still took pride of place in our little ‘mini gallery’ in the kitchen, AKA the side of the fridge.

Anyway, this time of year is especially fruitful in terms of nursery keepsakes. Last year’s Easter offering was the card pictured below, affectionately titled ‘Fire Bunny’ by me and the hubby! Hopefully you can see why. We loved it but it still makes us giggle.

Fire Bunny

And this week has seen a new masterpiece created, which we’ve dubbed ‘Disco Chick’ due to the volume of glitter involved. Again, hopefully you can see why. He’s currently taken up residence on my bedside table.

Disco Chick

Mini Creations

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300 Picture Books Challenge #14

Just three books to add to the list this week, taking our current total to 155 different books read since the start of the year.

300 Picture Books Challenge Week 14One of these was The Gingerbread Man, a book a remember quite clearly from my childhood, especially the lines ‘run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man!’ But I had forgotten that it all ends with the poor Gingerbread Man getting eaten by the cunning fox! Still, Little Miss didn’t seem at all disturbed by this and has asked for it several times since.

Fluff and Billy is a sweet little library book about two penguin friends who do everything together before falling out and then making up when they realise they miss each other’s company. We’ve had it for several weeks but until now Little Miss had point blank refused to let us read it to her. No idea why, just the whim of a toddler I suppose! Anyway, next week I’m going to try to be a bit more disciplined about getting more new books into the mix again – if nothing else but for my own sanity!

You can also follow our 300 Picture Books progress on our Pinterest board.

Find out more and join in with the 300 Picture Book Challenge over on the Child Led Chaos blog.

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